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Antiques and Asian Art in Chiang Mai

There are many "antique" shops, but few genuine antiques as most have been sold long ago. Though the years of trade has led to the worldwide distribution of much of the cultural heritage of the region, it has also encouraged high quality reproduction as well as the adaptation of traditional designs into modern pieces.
As a result visitors can return home with magnificent works of art for a fraction of the price of a genuine antique. Real antiques, such as are available, are likely to be normal old household goods and decorations or simple furniture or are of Burmese, Cambodian or Lao origin.

Where to see antiques and Asian art in Chiang Mai:

Borisuthi Antiques
1512 San Kamphaeng Road KM.6
Hrs. 08:30-17:30.
Tel: 053338460-2 Fax: 053338462

Sanphranon Antiques
Chiang Mai -Hot Road (H108) KM.8
92/1 Moo 5, T. Mae Hual, A. Hang Dong,Chiang Mai 50100.
Hrs. 08:00-1 7:00.
Tel: 053272898

Amata Lanna,
70 Bo Sarng - Doi Saket Road
Tel. 053496242

Ban Chang Come Antiques
141 Chiang Mai - Hod Road, Km 14
Tel. 053441628

Arts & Crafts
San Kamphaeng Road
Tel. 053338026 Fax. 338977

Sipsong Panna
95/19 Nantawan Arcade, Nimmanhaemin Road
Tel. 053216096
Antique Furnishings, Vanities & More

Antique House Garden Restaurant & Gallery
71 Charoenprathet Road
Tel. 053276810, (01) 9515892 Fax. 213058

Chaisilp Antique
136 Moo 4, Hang Dong - Sarapee Road, T. Ban Waen, A. Hang Dong
Tel. 053441259, 441364 Fax. 441363

Daytime:125 Moo 4 T. Bean Waen, A. Hang Dong, Tel. 053433281 Fax. 434104
Nighttime: Room #20, 2nd Fl., Night Bazaar, Tel. 053818475

Cho Fa Gallery
11/3 Ban Sanklang, Moo 3, Chiang Mai - San Kamphaeng Road, A. San Kamphaeng
Tel/Fax. 338235

Indo-Chinese Fine Art
2nd Fl. Room #1, Night Bazaar
Tel. 053819036 Fax. 434267 (01) 9525721

99 Ban Tawai Moo 2, T. Khunkong, A. Hang Dong
Tel. 053441657, 433388 Fax. 441658

Montienmanee Antiques Co., Ltd.
39/2 Moo 3, Ban Sanklang, San Kamphaeng Road
Tel/Fax. 053338360

Nakhorn Kasem Antique
Thapae Road, T. Changmoi
Tel. 053275063

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