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Glossary of Sightseeing Guide to Chiang Mai

Amphur district
Ban house or village
Changwat province
Chao northern lord, prince or ruler
Chedi stupa, pagoda
Chiang northern Thai city
Chofa garuda finial on temple roof
Dhamma Buddhist natural law
Doi mountain
Dukkha state without satisfaction
Galae decorative finial on roof
Ho Kham royal hall
Ho Trai scripture library
Hong mythical gander
Huay stream
Jai Yen cool heart
Kamphaeng Din earthen rampart
Tung pennants
Kham Muang northern Thai language
Khantoke low table, local dining style
Khon Muang northern Thai people
Kratong float offering
Kumaphan mythical human -beast creature
Kuti monks residence
Mae Nam river
Maha Rart penultimate incarnation of Buddha
Makara mythical water beast
Mom mythical wolf-like guardian
Mondop type of tower
Muang northern Thai community (city)
Naga mythical serpent
Nam Tok waterfall
Pha Sin tube skirt
Prasat tower
Sangha the monk-hood
Sala Thai hall or shelter
Singha mythical lion guardian
Songkran Thai new year
Taleo talisman to ward off evil spirits
Tambon village group
Tin Chok (lizard feet) decorative weaving style on hem of tube skirt
Thewada heavenly spirits (angel)
Ubosot consecrated ceremonial hall (ordination hall)
Viharn ceremonial hall
Wiang northern town
Wian Tian walk around of chedi or viharn
Wan Phra Buddhist holy day

Window to Chiang Mai