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Wat Jet Yod

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(Chiang Mai - Lampang Super Highway)

King Tilokarat built the temple in 1455. The temple was probably copied from the design of the Mahabodhi temple in Pagan, which itself was a copy of the Indian temple at Bodhgaya.

It had been predicted that Buddhism would decline after 2000 years. King Tilokarat's religious works, as well as those of other Southeast Asian monarchs of the time, were an attempt to prevent this decline. Wat Jet Yod was the site of the Eighth World Buddhist council in 1477, which revised the Tripitaka (Buddhist canon and teachings)

Wat Jet Yod, Chiang Mai, ThailandThe temple gets its name from the seven chedis - jet yod - which sit on top of the old viharn. An arched tunnel at the center contains a seated Buddha image.

The laterite walls are decorated with over 70 stucco reliefs.

Though damaged, they still clearly show thewada (angel), beings who live in heavenly realms.

The faces on these images are reputed to be likenesses of the relatives of King Tilokarat.

Three chedis stand in the spacious grounds. The largest contains the ashes of King Tilokarat. The small ubosot nearby has a fine carved wood gable.

Several Buddha images in different attitudes may be found on the western side of the compound (signs give explanations in English).

The trees and grass in the spacious grounds have the feel of a park, creating a very pleasant atmosphere.

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Wat Jet Yod

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