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Useful Thai Language

Politness particles, frequently used, are appended to the sentence (Sa-wut-dee kha), particularly when asking or answering questions. They soften the words spoken and encourage a harmonious feeling in the mind of Thais.

The particle if you are woman ... kha!
The particle if you are man ... krup!
Basic greetings and phrases
Hello! / Good morning! Sa-wut-dee!
Thank you! Korb khun!
Nerver mind! My bpen ry!
How are you? Sa-by dee my?
Fine, thanks! Sa-by dee!
I can't speak thai! Shan pood Thai my dy!
Do you understand? Khun kou jai my?
Where are you going? Khun ja bpy ny?
Where is the toilet? Hong narm yoo tea ny?
That's too expensive! Nee paeng bpy!
How much is it? Tou ry? (ou like mouse)
I am hungry! Shan he-oo!
May I have the menu please? Shan kor menoo.
The bill, please. Geb ngoen doo-i.
Good bye! Lar gorn!
See you again! Laeow pob gun my!
I'm pleased to meet you! Dee jy tea dy pob khun!
Happy New Year. Sa-wut-dee pee my.
Happy Birthday. Sook-sun wun-gerd.
Good luck! Shoke dee!
Sorry, Excuse me! Kor tot!
What? A-ry?
When? Muea ry?
Where? Tea ny?
Why? Tum my?

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