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Train and Bus Schedules from and to Chiang Mai, Thailand

Train Schedule and Information

Timetable for Trains from Bangkok to Chiang Mai

Train: Special Express , Departure: 08.30 , Arrival: 19.30 , Stops: Train No.7 , Prices

Train: Rapid , Departure: 13.45 , Arrival: 04.05 , Stops: Train No.109 , Prices

Train: Special Express , Departure: 18.10 , Arrival: 07.15 , Stops: Train No.9 , Prices

Train: Special Express , Departure: 19.35 , Arrival: 08.40 , Stops: Train No.13 , Prices

Train: Express , Departure: 22.00 , Arrival: 12.10 , Stops: Train No.51 , Prices

Check timetable and prices at State Railway of Thailand (SRT)

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How to book train tickets in Thailand

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To book tickets for the State Railway of Thailand (SRT) is best in the "Ticket Office" at the station. There you can book tickets for all routes. You can also book by phone (difficult for foreigners, ticket must be previously paid and picked up at the station). Many travel agents can also book tickets for you (extra charge).

Types of Train

There are generally four types of Trains, Local, Rapid, Express, and Special Express. All Special Express and Express Trains have sleeping berth carriages (First and Second-Class Air-Conditioned), but only some of the Rapid Trains do. Second-Class Fan Sleepers are only on Rapid Service Trains. There is no Third-Class on Express Service Trains.

First Class

Higher-End overnight trains offer private, lockable compartments with a comfortable sofa during the day. The sofa is converted into a full size bunk bed at night, while the other bed above it is folded down from the wall. Other features include self-controlled air-conditioning, a private sink, soap and towel, inside baggage storage and even a shower in the toilet. Its a great choice if you need your own space.

Second Class

Overnight trains lack many of these extra comforts (like private compartments) of the First Class, but is just as relaxing and enjoyable for most travelers, and saves on one nights accommodation. Second Class Sleeper carriages have open berths along the coach wall on either side of a central aisle, luggage racks beside the berths, and shared washbasins. During the day there are two facing seats, which at night are pulled together to form the bottom bunk. An upper bunk folds out from the wall above, and curtains are hung up to give you privacy. In both, First Class and Second Class, the beds are around 2m (6.5 ft) long, and attendants assemble and make up the beds for you. Attendants on all overnight trains also provide printed menus with meal sets to be served at your seat.

Second Class (Seated)

(Air-Conditioned) Express trains are excellent for daytime travel with comfortable reclining seats and hostess service (snacks and drinks) included in the fare. Second Class (Seated / Air-Conditioned or Fan) Ordinary / Local trains are slower than the Express trains, but just as comfortable.

Third Class

(Seated / Fan or Air-Conditioned) Ordinary / Local, is surprisingly clean and acceptable by international standards. It is usually not crowded (aside from the Rush-Hour), unbelievably cheap and ideal for short trips. The seats on many Third Class trains are the hard, bench-style, wooden slat type. Some Third Class commuter trains in Bangkok and some Third Class long-distance (Rapid) trains are air-conditioned with padded seating.

What to Eat on the Train?

All Express Seated trains (Air-Conditioned or Fan) serve delicious food, but it can be a bit pricey. All Rapid trains have inexpensive, delicious Thai food available. Certain long-distance trains, such as the "Daytime Express" from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, schedule a "Get out and Stretch" stop of about 15 minutes.


Bus remains the most popular and widespread means of transport in Thailand and is used by many Thais and travellers daily across the Kingdom. On the whole the buses are fairly frequent, safe, reliable and comfortable. Usually they leave on time and are always cheap.

Buses depart from Chiang Mai to destinations all over Northern Thailand, as well as hourly buses to and from Bangkok with stops en-route at main centres in central and Northeastern Thailand.

Local buses can get crowded with locals, so you are advised to arrive a little early, however they depart quite regularly. Be sure to check your times for air-conditioned buses, which are far more comfortable in the Thai heat. Long distance buses offer excellent service, with a hostess offering soft-drinks and a snack (tiny packet of peanuts) as well as a wet towel. Videos are shown on most buses, usually in Thai language, and they go on through the night making sleep a little difficult sometimes. Thais also love their air-conditioning on sub-zero temperatures, so remember to dress warmly.

There is stiff competition among bus companies for the Bangkok to Chiang Mai bus route and buses leave hourly. Buses from Chiang Mai to Bangkok leave hourly from the Arcade Bus terminal, east of the city, between 6:30 and 21:00.

Busses from Bangkok to Chiang Mai

Buses from Bangkok to Chiang Mai depart at least every hour between 05:30 and 22:00 from Mo Chit 2 Station and take roughly 10 hours. We recommend VIP buses, offered by either the government or private companies. These can also be arranged from travel agents on Khao San Road, with a pick up there, and at other points around the city.

Northern & Northeastern Bus Terminal to Chiang Mai

Bangkok is serviced by several main long distance bus terminals. Mo Chit 2, in the North, is the largest and busiest since it services Northern and Northeastern Thailand.
To reach the bus station, take the BTS Skytrain to Mo Chit or the Metropolitan Rapid Transit (MRT) to Chatuchak Park and transfer onto city bus 3, 77 or 509, or hop on a taxi or motorcycle taxi.

Bus company websites Chiang Mai to Bangkok

From Chiang Mai Arcade Bus Station

In English
Sombat Tour
Green Bus Thailand

Busses from Chiang Mai Arcade Bus Station

In English
Green Bus Thailand
Chiang Rai, Phuket, Hua Hin, Bangkok, Chiang Saen, Golden Triangle, Mae Sai,
Lampang, Phitsanulok, Chiang Khong, Thoeng, Mae Sot,
Phayao, Chiang Muan, Phrae, Nan, Tung Chang

Chiang Mai Arcade & Chang Phuak Bus Stations in Google Maps

Busses from Chang Phuak Bus Station Tel: 053 211586

To Class Departure Duration
Fang Minibus Every 30 Mins From 05.30-19.30 3 Hours
Mae Rim Minibus Every 15 Mins From 05.30-18.00 20 Mins
Mae Taeng Minibus Every 30 Mins From 05.30-17.30 30 Mins
Chiang Dao Minibus Every 30 Mins From 05.30-17.30 1.5 Hours
Om Koy Ordinary Bus 07.05/13.30 4 Hours
Thaton Ordinary Bus 05.30/07.20/09.00/10.30/11.30/13.030/13.30 4 Hours
Peangloung Ordinary Bus 08.30/12.30 6 Hours
Hod Ordinary Bus Every 20 Mins From 04.30-16.30 3 Hours
Doi Tao Ordinary Bus 04.30/05.30/07.30/08.30/10.30/12.30/14.30/15.30 3 Hours
Chomthong Ordinary Bus Every 20 Mins From 04.30-18.00 1.30 Hours
Prao (North) Ordinary Bus 06.20/09.50/13.50/15.50 2 Hours
Prao (South) Ordinary Bus 06.10/06.40/07.10/08.30 Then Every 1 Hr Till 16.30/ 17.10/18.10 2 Hours
Mae Jo Ordinary Bus Every 1 Hour From 04.20-21.00 15 Mins
Lamphun Ordinary Bus 06.45/08.00 Then Every 1 Hour Till 18.00 1 Hour
Samoeng Ordinary Bus 09.00/10.45/12.30/14.15/16.00 3 Hours
Ban Watchan Ordinary Bus 11.00 6 hours

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