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Thai Fruits in Chiang Mai

Durian, Chiang Mai, ThailandThailand is blessed with over thirty types of fruit ranging from the banana to four kinds of durian, the "king of fruits". For visitors who come between May and August, it may be hate at first whiff of the prickly durian, but love at first taste of the creamy yellow flesh that surrounds the seeds at the center.

Banana Flower, Chiang Mai, ThailandThe banana is no less interesting. Three varieties are grown and the plant (the stem of the trunk and the flower head) is used for curries. The Thais have made an art form out of decorative use of the leaf, which is also the "eco-friendliest" form of packing on earth for fresh foods.

Longan, Chiang Mai, ThailandThe most famous fruit of the Chiang Mai valley is the longan, or Lamyai, which is a rainy season fruit. To celebrate the fruit, Lamphun holds a Lamyai festival for the first seven days of August ending in a parade on the final Saturday.

Many other fruits are grown in the valley and come in different varieties.

Window to Chiang Mai