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2 days Adventure Trek Mae Taeng

Trip code: 2dmt


This trek is most suitable for young poeple, not so for elders or families with young children.

We do this tour every day. As tranport we use pick ups.

Please provide a copy of your passport (identification page).

Pick up time at your hotel or guesthouse is about 09:00 to 09:30 h.

The trek goes to the north-west of Chiang Mai.

Day 1:

After we have picked up all our guests we will drive about 2.5 hours (stopover at local market to buy food) to a Shan village where we will have lunch. From there we start hiking through the jungle for about 2.5 hours to a waterfall where we will make a break. You can take a natural shower there. After the break we will hike to a "Black Lahu" hilltribe village (about 45min) where we will stay overnight with a family. At night we will have a party around a campfire with the Lahu people. They will show you some of their traditional dances.

Day 2:

After breakfast we will hike through the jungle (about 2h) to a waterfall and take a break there. Then we will hike to the elephant camp (about 45min). There we will make an elephant ride through the jungle. After the elephant ride we will have lunch. After lunch you can make an exciting whitewater ride down Mae Taeng River and a ride on a bamboo raft down Mae Taeng River.

We will be back in Chiang Mai at about 17:00 hours.

Bridge over a jungle stream Elephant ride Evening with the Lahu people Tour group Tour group Nocturnal butterfly at orchid and butterfly farm Hiking through the jungle Hilltribe hut Rafting gear Mountain view Mountain view Rice fields

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