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Princess Dararatsmi

Princess Dararatsmi in Chiang MaiPrincess Dararatsmi was born in 1873, the 11th daughter of Chao Inthawichayanon, the seventh Chao of Chiang Mai. At the age of 12, she went to Bangkok with her father to pay tribute to King Chulalongkorn (Rama V) and later became a royal consort. She gave birth to a daughter in 1889, who died at the age of three.

While living in Bangkok she actively promoted northern culture in the palace and practiced the arts. In 1914, four years after the death of King Chulalongkorn at the cage of 57, Princess Dararatsmi returned to Chiang Mai.

In Chiang Mai, Princess Dararatsmi conducted good works giving endowments to temples and to McCormick Hospital, and land to two of Chiang Mai's leading schools.

She promoted improvement in agricultural techniques for poor farmers and continued to promote Lanna arts and culture until her death in 1933.

Window to Chiang Mai