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Khru Ba Srivichai 1878-1938

Khru Ba Srivichai in Chiang MaiKhru Ba Srivichai, one of the most famous Lanna monks of the last century, was given the title nak bun haeng lanna - a Lanna saint. Born in the middle of a storm, he was first given the nickname "thunder".

In his childhood he showed his "meritorious" nature by secretly releasing caged animals. He begun to study at Ban Pang temple in Lamphun province at the age of eighteen. He ordained and his reputation as a pious monk soon spread even amongst the hilltribes.

Local people offered their labor to make merit, and people came to him with proposals for construction projects.

During his life he supervised renovation at over 100 temples amongst other projects. These temples include Wat Phrathat Haripunchai and Wat Chamadevi in Lamphun, as well as Wat Phra Singh and Wat Suan Dok in Chiang Mai.

He organized the construction of the road up Doi Suthep, which had up to 5000 people voluntarily working on its construction on any single day. The road took five months and twenty two days to complete.

The venerable monk's car was the first vehicle up the road at the official opening on 30th April, 1935.

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