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Internet cyber ports are available at many cafe bars in the downtown area.

Post Office hours 08:30-16:30 weekdays; 09:00-12:00 on Saturdays.

Overseas Telephone Services and mail facilities are offered by the Post Office from 08:30 through 18:00 at the Airport Post Office (terminal building), Chiang Mai Post & Telegraph Office (Sanpakoi - Charoen Muang Road ) and Phra Singh Post Office (Samlan Road). Calls may be made from the "GPO" office at the corner of Chang Khlan Road and Anusarn Market (24 hrs.), and the basement of the Night Bazaar (till 23:00). The cheapest rates are from the Telecommunications Authority Office on the Chiang Mai - Lampang Superhighway (24 hrs.)

Dial 001 (100 for operator assisted calls) + country code for international calls. The minimum charge for a call is one minute; then the call is priced in units.

Useful Phone Numbers

Many institutions have automatic switchboards. Dial 0 or 9 to reach the operator.


China: 053282419

Great Britain: 053203405 Fax: 053203408

India: 053234066

Japan: 053203367

USA: 053252629

Honorary Consuls:

Australia: 053221083 Fax: 053219726

Austria: 053400231

Canada: 053242292

Finland: 053234777

Sweden: 053220844

Telephone Services:

Directory 13

Emergency 191

Fire 199

Operator 100

Immigration: 053277510

Tourism Authority of Thailand: 053248604, 053248607

Tourist Police: 1155 (free) or 053248974, 053248130


Chiang Mai's northern latitude (18° 47') and its location in the mountains ensure a wide seasonal variation in the weather.

Cool Season (November - February)

Surprisingly low temperatures at night make warm clothing necessary, especially if you plan to travel in the mountains where temperatures can drop to near freezing at higher altitudes.

Hot Season (February - May)

Heat and haze reach their maximum at the end of March. Short, violent storms in April and May can bring high winds and welcome rain.

Rainy Season (May - October)

Days often begin bright but darken as clouds gather above the Mountains. Short intense rainstorms usually occur in the afternoons, clearing again by evening. Sustained rain occurs when tropical storms hit the region. This has been common in recent years.

Window to Chiang Mai