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Doi Luang Chiang Dao

Chiang Dao mountain has been a wildlife sanctuary since 1978. A limestone outpost of the upper Tennasserim range, the mountain (2240 m.) offers a unique habitat for different species of flowering plants.

There are interesting species of birds, but other forms of wildlife are hard to see due to years of hunting.

The line of peaks that forms the massif is shaped like a U, with the open end facing west. The enclosed high valley is being left to recover after decades of opium cultivation by hilltribes. The unusual ecosystem around the summit is particularly sensitive.

Entry to the sanctuary is restricted and permission must be obtained from the sanctuary headquarters near Wat Pa Bang.

Normal access is by a dirt road that goes to the Hmong village of Pakkia (H107. West turn 500 m. past KM.67 4WD. Right turn at checkpoint on ridge line (18 km.) to forestry station (4 km.) 5 hour hike to summit. Take warm gear, food, and water for two days. Campfires should be minimized to reduce disturbance to the unique environment near the summit.)

Window to Chiang Mai